To offer yoga and wellness programs for personal and community enrichment


Invite all people to cultivate well-being


  • No school or parent is refused service for lack of financial resources

  • Financial transparency with our schools, staff, volunteers, partners, sponsors, funders, and community

  • Affordable and quality enrichment programs for school and parent communities

  • Maintaining an exceptional level of professionalism and community service that makes a difference everyday as a purpose-driven organization

  • On-going training and on-site teacher support for instructors

Hosh Kids will never refuse programming to families or schools lacking funds. This is a core principle at our organization, and one of the reasons why we really value our volunteers, teachers, schools, and parents.


The reason why Hosh Kids makes this promise to parents and schools is that we believe we have an obligation to improve the quality of life for America’s youngest. We educate the whole being in every child. Statistics indicate that 20% of children don’t have access to after-school programs.


Growing up, I was part of that 20%, and I’m still meeting families who grappled with the same issues I faced as a child in a single-mother home. Accomplished and struggling families need greater access to cost-effective enrichment programming. Sadly, there are schools faced with tough budget cuts, limiting their ability to bring even the most affordable private- and non-profit-based enrichment and after school programs to their students.That’s where we come into the picture. We offer fair rates or subsidize programs in many ways. Every person deserves the opportunity to have recreation and physical activity.  I believe government, non-profits, and the private sector can and should focus the dialogue on the need for service and volunteerism in community centers, schools, and after-school programs.

We are doing our part to make these educational initiatives a priority. An hour a week can change a life, and it’s these kinds of community associations that made this country awesome in the first place. In economic terms, the savings to the country are enormous. The outcome of our work is a healthier and happier adult that contributes to family and country as able. Join and be part of out work!


Henry Cross

Founder & Executive Director

Hosh Kids


When Hosh Kids began offering classes in 2011, it was responding to the lack of access and affordable enrichment education for children in New York City. Hosh Kids is a sister organization of Hosh Yoga which has been a part of the north Brooklyn yoga studio community since 2009 bringing yoga to thousands of students in Greenpoint and Williamsburg. Our vision has been to invite all people to cultivate well-being with a mission to offer yoga and wellness programs for personal and community enrichment. Our message has been to make wellness a right of life rather than a luxury regardless of skill and income for communities that need it most and can afford it least putting always purpose over profits. 


Hosh Kids founder Henry Cross noticed that in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, sidewalks were filling up with strollers. On the outside, Northern Brooklyn seems to be thriving, with a vibrant youth culture and a very well-known arts community. However, there are children struggling. The child poverty rate is 30% in New York City, but in Northern Brooklyn, reports indicate it could be as high as 55%. And ironically, in the culturally-rich hub that is Williamsburg, children don’t have enough access to affordable enrichment or exercise programs in their own public schools.

Hosh Kids’ mission goes beyond North Brooklyn. Public, private, parent-run pre-schools, elementary, and middle schools struggle to afford and offer enrichment programs to students. Despite the hard-work of many in the fitness and education industry, there is still a need for enrichment programming in schools to reach the greatest numbers at the best possible cost while delivering great value and quality to every student in a school building. Parents are unable to afford enrichment programs for their children, and public schools are many times unable to pay for the high-cost of enrichment programs due to limited resources. Preschools and Head Start programs have little in the way of enrichment programs. Research shows that children involved with art, music, dance and yoga at an early age is a great way to address their health, wellness, and academics. And here is where we make a difference. Our mission assures communities have enrichment education for children as a right of life rather than a luxury regardless of skill and income. We believe enrichment programs educate the whole being by increasing their creative capacity and intelligence.

Our approach is to give students, parents, and schools a range of options regarding programming and funding. For schools, we offer affordable, fee-based programs and when available volunteer and grant-based opportunities. We are flexible about how much we charge in order to ensure that as many students as possible can take advantage of our programs. In poorer districts, we might only ask that schools cover the cost of teachers, and, when necessary, seek the assistance of outside funders and volunteers.

A Letter from Executive Director Henry Cross

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