Don’t throw your mats away! Hosh Kids is always looking to donate mats to one of our partner schools or one of our volunteer programs. Beyond that, we are happy to offer donated mats to any school program in need. If you have mats to donate or, if you’d like to request mats for your program also contact us today! 

Help Hosh provide a fair chance to explore healthier living for children through yoga, dance, meditation, workshops and strong community development in the Greenpoint and Williamsburg areas of Brooklyn, New York and beyond by donating your time today!





We will never turn down a parent, school, or child for lack of ability to pay, because we know that yoga, music, and dance are key to developing healthy, happy young minds. It costs $900 to recruit, train, place, and monitor the progress of a teacher in an enrichment program for a 12-week program. Could you donate half ? Or perhaps you can support the whole amount? Or multiple programs? Any bit helps. Support us today!


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